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EMC consults on Strategy Development, Business Insights and Enhanced Management Control We advise organizations on optimal methods for crafting progressive strategies to grow their businesses, and use of business intelligence schemes to provide crucial business insights and advance managerial control. We also help develop state-of-the-art knowledge management systems to enhance innovation and growth.

Specific Services

Business Assets Management

We offer advice and guidance on the management of crucial business assets, and help design computer based systems for deploying and tracking the use of assets.

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Advanced Business Analytics

We offer technical support for developing advanced business analytics schemes, employing predictive, prescriptive and descriptive analyses, to gain valuable business insights and intelligence.

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Value Chain Optimization

We help analyze and optimize complex value chains, helping to optimize supplier and distributor channel flows.

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Manufacturing Systems Design & Project Management

EMC can help implement manufacturing systems and facilities design processes, using CADCAM, Lean Methods, Expert Systems, A.I. and Internet-of-Things (IOT) formal methods.

  • We also help develop effective project management systems in financial, construction, hospitality, I.T. and other areas. We use PERT, Monte-Carlo and Software-based methods to optimize scheduling, resource-levelling and project cost management. We work to Prince, PMBOK and other international project management standards.
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