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EMC are experienced at developing robust risk management systems for financial and other business sectors predicated on industry-standard frameworks such as the Basle Accords. We help manage operational, market, liquidity, credit, project and reputational risks elements.

Specific Services

Risk Identification, Assessment and Mitigation

Aspects covered include – Risk Identification, Assessment and Mitigation processes Financial Risk Management Models; Risk and Control Self assessments(RCSA) and Key Risk Indicator (KRI) Schemes; Risk Mapping Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Frameworks Basel I, II and III Accords

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Operational Risk Management

Banking Process Management Considerations. Business Disruption, Continuity and Failure Issues Bank Assets and Operational Risks; Loss Frequency and Severity Analytics. Operational VaRs (OpVaRs) Analysis, Regulatory Capital, AMA/SA/IA items.

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Credit Risk Management

The work spans – Credit Risk Management (CRM) Processes and Workflows. Borrower, Industry and Portfolio Credit Risks. Dealing with Asymmetric Information Issues Vetting, Screening and Monitoring Processes Customer Profiling, Position-Limiting & Credit Rating Approaches. SIL (Specialization-In-Lending) and KYI (Know-Your-Industry) Precepts.

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Advanced Credit Risk Management

We advise on some of the following - Contractual CR Defences – Enforcing and Monitoring Protective Covenants.. Making Effective use of Guarantees and Collateralizing. Compensatory Balances and Credit Rationing Approaches. Estimating and Predicting Credit Default Rates using Customer Analytics

  • Further Risk Management Consultancy Areas include -
  • CRM Multi-layered Defence Approaches using SB, CR and RM Units. Balance-sheet Netting; Utilizing Credit Guarantees, Derivatives and Swaps
  • Credit Insurance & Securitization for CRM
  • Modelling Exogenous and Endogenous CRM Variables
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