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EMC is well-positioned to conduct domestic/local and international surveys to help characterize current market trends, supply-demand dynamics, prices and volumes for the Oil and Gas, and extractive minerals market, as needed. We are skilled at carrying out scenario modelling and generating predictive analytics to underpin this work.

Specific Services

In-depth analysis of the complex value chains

We are able to carry out in-depth analysis of the complex value chains involved in Oil and Gas production, and can map/model the salient attributes of the value chains to provide the organization with the tools for enhanced management of these crucial sub-systems.

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Developing Participation Strategies

EMC will assist in developing effective local (and international) participation strategies, with supporting policies and procedures, to create an enabling and synergistic framework for growing your firm's energy production footprint.

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Upstream, Midstream and Downstream work

The participation strategy will span the full spectrum of upstream, midstream and downstream work, and will encompass exploration, production, processing/refining, transmission and commercialization activities. Properly implementing the strategy will greatly help in attracting investors to the country's developing Oil, Gas and minerals sector.

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Key Benefits of the Service

We have several years of global commercial experience consulting in the Energy, Oil, Gas & Extractive Minerals sector.

  • We have expertise with upstream, midstream and downstream aspects of work in this field. We are also skilled at developing sustainable and renewable energy systems using Solar (PV and Heat-Pump), Biomass, Wind, Hydro-Electric, Waves and Geothermal systems.
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