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We assist in developing complex big data systems based on the open-source Hadoop stack, using Cloudera and Horton-Works platforms. Such systems allow companies to better manage data lakes, dark-data, semi-structured and unstructured data.

Specific Services

Big Data & Streaming Analytics

We also help design streaming big data systems for streaming analytics using Spark, Kafka and Flume frameworks. The systems have increasingly used a variety of Cloud Based infrastructure elements, predicated on AWS, Azure and Google-Cloud Services.

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I.T.-Driven Health Care Management

We have several years of healthcare management expertise, offering consultancy services to healthcare providers and administrators.

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Advanced Network Design & Managment

We provide advice and consultancy on enterprise network design, as well as virtualization and wireless network schemes. We work with a variety of harware and Operating Systems platforms.

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Applications Software Development and Security

Our software developers work with a number of OOP and Functional Languages, overlaid on a variety of Operating Systems (e.g. Linux, Windows-OS, Mac-OS and Unix). We also help formulate cyber-security assurance strategies and systems, and ensure that the organization has the correct tooling with expertise for effective security provision.

  • We are skilled with Agile Software development using XP, Scrum, Paired-Programming, as well as with standard Waterfall development processed. We carry out systems analysis using object-oriented tools such as UML.
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